1. I’m not going to tell you what to eat

How can I? How do I know what your body needs in a given moment? Only you know that. You are the one living in your body. Instead, I’m going to guide you to listen to you body. You will learn how to choose foods that serve you best and will learn the right amount to eat. I’m going to teach you how to trust yourself.  

2. I’ve been there

I know exactly what it feels like to be standing in front of the food pantry, shoving endless amounts of food in my mouth, without any idea of how I got there or any ability to stop myself. I know what it feels like to be hungover from too much food. I know the remorse and shame that comes after a binge. I know the seductive hope that comes from diets and restriction. And I know how to heal. I know what it’s like to make big changes in my life and no longer be ruled by food.

3. I’ll hold you accountable

You have some pretty well ingrained habits. The patterns around overeating, stress eating and emotional overeating have been in place for years, even decades.  Changing these habits takes some effort and I’m here to make it easier for you. I’ll be in your corner, making sure that what you do every day supports the life you want to live.  

4. I’ll guide you to see what's causing you to overeat

Your food struggles have nothing to do with food. Eating those Oreos, cheese puffs, Ben and Jerry’s, or Hersheys Kisses, is NOT causing you to overeat. There is something happening for you under the surface. We won’t dwell there, but together, you will gain the insight to heal from it. When you heal from this, what has been driving you to eat, won’t be driving you anymore.  

5. I have over 25 years of training

I picked up my first Geneen Roth book, Healing the Hungry Heart, when I was 19. Over 25 years later and countless of book, diets and programs, I finally found a body of knowledge and process that made sense. Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD, Fiaedp, FADA and Evelyn Tribole MS, RD is the process of leaving diets behind and instead, relying on your own body cues. I studied with Evelyn Tribole and I’m a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I am also a Yoga Life Coach, a 500 RYT Yoga Teacher and a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher. I’ve studied and teach the practice of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. These practices have the power to change lives. I incorporate these practices into my coaching.

6. I practice balance everyday

I’m a Mom of 3 tween and teenagers. I’m also a CPA and run an accounting consulting business. I know what it’s like to be managing a day of doctor’s appointments, conference calls and piles of laundry. I know what it’s like to be driving all around town from one activity to the next, meeting deadlines and trying to get dinner on the table.  It’s freakin’ crazy sometimes. I also know how to make big personal changes in my life while still living in my amazing and hectic life.

7. I’m crazy passionate about coaching you

When I started healing from my struggles with food, I realized that all of my heartache, tears, empty hope, short lived successes, and frustrations that came before had a purpose. I’ve struggled so you don’t have to. My vision is to live in a time and place where women’s lives are no longer ruled by food and their hatred of their body. I’m here to coach you so you can live a life you love.