Pure Yoga Bliss

“I LOVE YOU”. It was almost a scream. No, just a really firm shout. “I LOVE YOU”. I LOVE you”. “I love YOU”. I heard it over and over. There I lay in shavasana, during one of the more powerful practices I’ve had in a few months. During this practice, there was a ton of breath, lot’s of space and silence, and a huge pool of sweat! It had aLovell the makings for pure yoga bliss. But after all of my years of practicing, I had never experienced this.The voice was so clear, so firm, but loving at the same time. I just listened, not quite sure who was talking. As the voice continued, I pictured all of me. The me that I didn’t like so much and the me that I did like. I pictured my body, the body I’ve been struggling with for as long as I can remember. “I love you.” I saw my insecurities, my doubts, and my fears. "I love you”. I saw myself in a handstand. “I love you”. I saw myself teaching yoga, I saw myself with my family, and I saw myself with friends. “I love you”. The voice became softer and softer. I relaxed even more. I get it. I feel an easy and warm smile from the inside out. I am loved, fully and completely, just the way I am. I am love. Pure yoga bliss. Namaste.