Make It Happen

Do you have that one thing that you keep thinking about doing but haven’t quite had a chance to get to yet? That one thing, maybe you do a lot of thinking about it and maybe you even confide in a good friend about it, but it’s still sitting there on the back burner.

I’ve had a few of these “back burners” in 2013. This blog is one. Despite me thinking about blogging almost every day, including having new blog ideas pop into my head while I’m in the shower or driving to the yoga studio, I haven’t sat myself down to blog in over 5 months. My other “back burner” is the organization of my house. I find the clutter and the mess to be pretty overwhelming. I don’t want to think about it but I know that it weighs pretty heavily on me.

make it happenThe thing is, if our back burners were so easy to do, we all would have them done by now. What do we need in place to take on our hearts desires and to start moving in the direction of our dreams?

For starters, take a look at how you are giving your power away. Are you someone that feels guilty? Do you think to yourself, “I couldn’t possibly do this one thing for myself. After all, I don’t spend enough time with my kids/ my husband/my friends.”  Then there is the fear factor, which so often holds us back without us even knowing it. Fear sneakily shows up in the what ifs? What if people don’t approve? What if I don’t have enough money? What if I fail? Or sometimes we convince ourselves that we what we really want isn’t that important. We tell ourselves that it’s not a big deal, it can wait and it doesn’t really matter. And of course there is time, something we all like to struggle with. There is always to much to do and too little time to do it all. For me, I was constantly telling myself that I didn’t have time to blog and that other things just needed to get done. And with my house, well, maybe having it a bit of a mess wasn’t such a big deal, after all, my life was so full of amazing things, doesn’t a messy house come along with that?

These are just self-imposed barriers. They show up as seemingly valid reasons but are just lame excuses. It’s good to identify our excuses, to catch ourselves and see the warning flags. But we don’t need to analyze them, this will just keep our “back burners” where they are and if we don’t do something differently, it’s where they will always stay.

So are you really ready to take it on?  Are you sure? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to finally move that “back burner” front and center? Then decide. Make a decision. Yes or no. Then give your word to it using language as if you are already doing it. It’s not, “I’ll try to work out today”, I’ll work out today if I have time”, “I hope to work out today” “If it doesn’t snow, I’ll work out today”. It’s – I AM WORKING OUT TODAY (come hell or high water because I said so). And then, deeply honor your word, every day. Remind yourself and recommit every day. What will happen is you will become what you repeatedly do. For me, I am someone with an organized and neat home. I am a blogger. Maybe for you, you are lean, fit and healthy. You are a business owner. You are a guitar player. You are a yogi.  Change your mind about this “back burner” and see it as something fun. Look at your schedule, carve out the time and simply begin.

That day will happen when,for one day or one week, your former “back burner” may temporarily move back to the “back burner”. And it will happen, I promise. Then, what do you do? This is your defining moment. You need to remember why this one thing was so important to you in the first place. Don’t tolerate any more excuses.  Simply recommit. But here is the thing, and it’s critically important, if you feel bad, guilty and ashamed about it, you will go back into the stuckness. That former “back burner” will move back there indefinitely. Instantly forgive yourself, and look at what you need to put in place to ensure you stay committed. Take that one day or one week as an opportunity to look at your life and make some additional changes. Get more refined.  Put some new things in place in your life- ask a friend to keep you accountable; get some help; shuffle your schedule. Do whatever it takes.

Let’s make 2014 one rockin’ year full of fulfilled dreams and clean and organized homes! I met with an organizational expert and she starts next week. I feel so empowered and excited. Believe that your back burners can be your reality. After all, at the end of the day, we will be either left doing the things we said we are going to do, or with our excuses. Make it happen!