Something New

I love it when people and situations in my life wake me up and show me something new. Recently, a friend of mine that I’m teaming up with on a project showed me my tendency to often take on too much and underestimate how long things take. I was suggested that a pretty large project would only take 2-3 months to complete. She practically laughed at me and convincingly told me that the project would really take much longer, more like 6-9 months. When I really sat with it, I felt so much relief. Without even realizing it, she was giving me permission to work on this project with so much more ease instead of a lot of self -imposed stress. A few days after this conversation, I spent 3 days at a Yin Yoga teacher training. I surprised a few of my friends when I told them what I was doing because they know me as someone who loves Power Yoga (the yang or opposite of yin). Taking this training was something I just needed. I loved spending time being propped onto bolsters, sitting on comfy blankets, and dozing off in long shavasanas. All without breaking a sweat. My body and my mind felt so calm and relaxed.

The powerful shifts in our life often come in small and unsuspecting packages. I see the miracles and harmony that comes from lifting my head out of the sand and being willing to see things from a different point of view. It’s about letting go of who I think I am. Am I really just a power yogi? Do I always have to get things done fast and furiously? Obviously not. And I’m so grateful.