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When I was a young, my grandmother told me I was big-boned.

Her comment came seemingly out of nowhere. For as long as I can remember, she told me this.

My grandmother was an important piece of my emotional foundation. When I was first born, my mother and I lived with her for a few years before my mother married my stepfather. I still hold onto a favorite picture of her bathing me in her kitchen sink, cigarette in hand...{Read more}

Listen to Tara-  "Learning to Live Fully" featured on the Her Life Unscripted podcast.

How do you really feel about your body? Do you think you're too fat to feature? Or not quite thin enough to be good enough? If this is you, listen in to today's show as Anna and her guest Tara talk about the messages women get about their bodies and how this can move you into a really disordered place of shame around the way you look. They also discuss the need to create a counter culture for bodies needing to look a certain way in order to be acceptable. 


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There's an extra large bottle of ibuprofen in my medicine cabinet and two high-grade ice packs ready to go in my freezer. I know my chiropractors office hours better than I know the names of my kid's teachers.

My past injuries have ranged from muscle pulls and strains to a shoulder injury requiring surgery. So when I recently sprained my ankle running, I had another opportunity to revisit why injuries can be so challenging and how to navigate through them... {READ MORE}

See Tara's article-  "What Happened When a Stranger Told Me to Lose Weight" published on Elephant Journal. 

I knew he was going to say something. I could just feel it. Maybe I could sense his eyes on me. Looking me up and down. Assessing.

It was December 31, 1988. I remember the exact date because I was at my cousin Laura’s wedding. In a casual conversation, I mentioned to a friend of my uncle that I had spoken to the cross country coach at the University of Massachusetts and was considering running for the team.

“You better lose some weight,” he said... {READ MORE}