Tara, I really enjoyed the seminar you ran last month which focused on helping me develop a new relationship to food. I received many messages from you that I’ve hung onto for the past 4 weeks since. They keep popping up into my head over and over – which is key for me, I know. Your workshop gave me so much hope! I am done with “diets!” This new way of thinking has me making really healthy choices AND totally enjoying an indulgence once in a while - instead of punishing myself. I’m so grateful for that. I have a whole new attitude thanks to you. I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays and I feel great! Thanks for all you are doing to help people like me!       ~ Maureen, Windsor Locks, CT

I'm so thankful that Tara was able to help me get to the bottom of something that I've been trying to consider and understand for a few years now! Getting to the root of what's shaping my life choices has made me so much more present with my family, mindful when eating and connected to my body signals. Tara's coaching has made a big difference in my life!     ~ Stephanie, Exeter, NH

Four years of emotional overeating, feeling stressed out, anxious and depressed, made me feel like if this didn't work, nothing would.  My whole life has turned in a different direction since I started working with Tara. She helped me work through emotional issues, set personal goals for self-improvement and introduced me to yoga and mindfulness.  In less than 4 months, I now have a completely different relationship with food and myself.      ~ Taylor,  Kittery, ME

I am in a much better place now with food and emotional eating. Thank you Tara for helping me to understand and get past the underlying emotional struggles I had. My coaching sessions with you made a big difference for me.      ~ Amber, Newmarket, NH

Thank you so much for our work together! You are a delight and very good at what you do! 
~ Suzanne, Exeter, NH