You want to live a big life.

Let me say it, because you may not easily admit this to yourself. You are one powerful woman. You understand that this life of yours is for thriving, not just surviving. You know that your relationships with your body and food are holding you back.

You suspect there is another way.

You have this small suspicion that there is a different way. A way that doesn’t involve dieting and diet rules. This glimmer of hope is enough to have you keep looking for the right solution.

You are exhausted.

You have been at this battle for years and years. Likely, decades. You have lost, gained, lost and gained weight more often than you would like to remember. This struggle takes a ton of energy and you are simply tired of it.

You hate yourself for this.

Overeating, binging, restricting, judging and hating yourself over all of this is all you know. You are successful in so many other areas of your life. You secretly wonder what is wrong with you. Why are so many other women able to have it all and be lean and thin? Why can’t you figure this out?

I’M TARA. I know you so well because I’ve been there myself.

I've found a way to stop struggling with food and I now practice living with freedom and peace.

I'll guide you to stop overeating, bingeing and stress eating. You'll never have to diet again.

When you work with me, your life will change. When you let go of those 20 pounds, not only will you look at them differently,
you will look at yourself in a brand new way.

I understand that change can be really hard. It's also necessary. Want to explore what this change could look like? Are you ready to explore the unchartered territory of freedom around food together?

Let's set up some time to talk. Set up a Clarity Session here.