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Welcome. It took some courage for you to look for something different. I’m glad you’re here. 

I’m Tara. I guide women to move beyond overeating, emotional eating and stress eating so they can relax around food, feel peaceful when they wake up in the morning and have so much vitality that food and their body aren’t always on their mind. 

What if you gave yourself permission to love and appreciate your body? What if you gave yourself permission to eat in a way that nourished you completely?

The truth is food and your body are allies, not enemies. You are already on a path to freedom around food and your body.

Is now the right time to take another big step forward?

You have everything you need to set yourself free from your struggles with food and your body. 


One on One Coaching using the principles from the Connected Eating System is a powerful program that supports the specific and individual needs of each client.


Tara’s book, “Hungry: Trust Your Body and Free Your Mind Around Food,” offers women a concrete path on their journey to move beyond emotional eating.


Tara is available to speak at your conference or networking event. She knows how to inspire her audiences and move them in their seats.

“I had the privilege of working with Tara on my food challenges. In the process of that work she helped me recognize two emotions that effect my food choices: anger and sadness. Tara’s gentle, non-judgmental manner helps guide clients through difficult, and sometimes shame-filled places, to a place of hope, love, and forgiveness.”
— Helen Beye, NH
“I’m so thankful that Tara was able to help me get to the bottom of something that I’ve been trying to understand for years now! Getting to the root of what’s shaping my life choices has made me so much more present with my family, mindful when eating and connected to my body signals. Tara’s coaching has made a big difference in my life!”
— Stephanie, Andover, MA