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When I was a young, my grandmother told me I was big-boned.

Her comment came seemingly out of nowhere. For as long as I can remember, she told me this.

My grandmother was an important piece of my emotional foundation. When I was first born, my mother and I lived with her for a few years before my mother married my stepfather. I still hold onto a favorite picture of her bathing me in her kitchen sink, cigarette in hand... {READ MORE}

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There's an extra large bottle of ibuprofen in my medicine cabinet and two high-grade ice packs ready to go in my freezer. I know my chiropractors office hours better than I know the names of my kid's teachers.

My past injuries have ranged from muscle pulls and strains to a shoulder injury requiring surgery. So when I recently sprained my ankle running, I had another opportunity to revisit why injuries can be so challenging and how to navigate through them... {READ MORE}

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I knew he was going to say something. I could just feel it. Maybe I could sense his eyes on me. Looking me up and down. Assessing.

It was December 31, 1988. I remember the exact date because I was at my cousin Laura’s wedding. In a casual conversation, I mentioned to a friend of my uncle that I had spoken to the cross country coach at the University of Massachusetts and was considering running for the team.

“You better lose some weight,” he said... {READ MORE}