Download "7 Surprising Reasons You're Eating Emotionally"



You’ll be awakening to your relationship with food in a whole new way. This is part of the process where you have most of your “I didn’t think about it that way” moments. 

You’ll be learning some new practices on how to slow down, go inside and be with yourself. You’ll also be unlearning and starting to wipe the slate clean of old destructive beliefs.

Awakening and listening can feel so new and often shaky at times. But, just like you learned how to ride a bike, once you get the hang of this process, it will become second nature. 


This is often when we go deep. I can’t guarantee it will go that way, but that’s how it typically works. After 3-4 weeks, you’ll start becoming aware of some old patterns and why they’ve kept their hold on you. This is the Clarity principle at work. 

You’ll begin to understand how fear has been impacting your relationship with food and your body. You’ll be learning how to interact with fear, so habits and patterns that you no longer want, don’t stick around because fear keeps them there. 


This can be a time when resistance comes up. This is so natural. You’ve taken some steps forward, but then a small part of you, one that isn’t quite ready to make big changes, comes back and takes you back a few steps. This is just part of the process.

This may feel discouraging to you. But, it’s really an exciting time because it means you are going outside of how you typically operate and your stretching yourself into something new. I’ll share with you to identify this resistance and what to do with it when it arrives. You’ll start to notice some concrete changes. You’ll start to feel more relaxed around food. You’ll be gentler with yourself. You’ll become familiar with your own intuition and let it guide you again and again.

I can’t promise that our 12 weeks together will work exactly like this. But I do want to give you a sense of what it typically looks like. 

As you consider it, try it on in your mind and see how it feels. If it feels exciting, something that you want to welcome (even if it’s a bit scary), then this program is for you. You may even be thinking, she’s talking a foreign language, but feel so drawn to it, then it’s for you.

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