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As a professional speaker, Tara not only offers her audience inspiration, she offers them concrete ways to move forward. As a CPA, Tara specializes in speaking to professional women in finance and accounting. Email her team at to learn more.  

Two sample speaking overviews are below:

Walk Away from the Numbers: How to Embrace Your Vitality and Finally Trust Your Body without Counting, Comparing, Measuring or Calculating

It’s exhausting. And incredibly time consuming. All of the counting and comparing and calculating and measuring. Your body weight, calories, fat grams, net carbs and protein.

We know numbers and are so comfortable with them. Yet, when it comes to our health, could they be hurting more than helping?

In this program, you will learn why numbers, and a few other surprising things, are getting in the way of you nourishing and caring for your body. You’ll learn a new approach to embracing your health and a few simple practices you can start using right away.

The Magic of Momentum: How to Achieve Your Goals When Everything Else You’ve Tried Hasn’t Worked

It can feel frustrating when so many areas of your life work well, but yet there is one area, no matter how hard you try, where you feel stuck. You have the energy, knowledge and desire to achieve your goals, but you can’t seem to get the consistent momentum in place to move you into action.

Moving forward isn’t about trying harder. It isn’t about finding more discipline.

In this program, Tara will share why certain approaches to achieving your goals don’t work and offer you a process to use over and over to create a the right mindset so momentum comes easily.

“We were so fortunate to have Tara as a guest speaker at our Women’s Networking Lunch! Her talk was the perfect balance of inspiration and practical boots-on-the-ground advice. Rich in illustrative visualizations, her words brought us to familiar experiences in our minds. Once there, she masterfully layered in valuable lessons. Well thought out examples led us to deeper understanding of her message. Abundant with “take-aways”, her talk was a gift that each participant will remember. I highly recommend Tara to anyone seeking a talented, professional, inspiring speaker who will undoubtedly provide an engaging experience for all!”

-Amy Pocsik- Co-Founder Women’s Business League