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An On Line 14 Day Experiment to Create Lightness and Ease around Food and Your Body

I don’t know about you, but I’m so done with the guilt and struggle that comes from restrictive eating and diet plans.

Years ago, I saw the big picture of how my relationship with food was impacting my whole life. It was exhausting. I always thought about food, and never felt fully satisfied that I ate the right thing. I often felt defeated because I thought I could be eating less and exercising more. Yet, I found myself often feeling out of control around food and overeating. I couldn’t relax around food, especially at party and social events. I just wanted a body that was slimmer and leaner.

Those were dark days. At times I felt hopeless. However, something inside of me refused to give up.

I knew I was fighting myself and my body, but I didn’t know any other way to eat or treat my body.

With awareness and a lot of letting go of old rules, I created the Connected Eating System. A simple and loving way of coming back to yourself and your body with a process that suits you best.

It doesn’t have rules or guidelines. There is no way to fail.

It’s time to stop making your relationship with food and your body hard, heavy and painful.  

Join me for The Connection Experiment. A 14 day live group online program.

You don’t need intense discipline. You don’t need to print anything out, study a new routine, or prepare yourself for any physical discomfort. Instead, you can spend some time listening, tuning in, appreciating and honoring.

The Connection Experiment isn’t about fighting yourself. It’s about moving toward yourself.


Meet Tara:

Author of Hungry: Trust Your Body and Free Your Mind around Food, Tara knows what struggles with food feels like. She understands what it feels like to fight herself. And, she knows how to move women beyond that place, so their minds can be free, they no longer feel guilty or ashamed and they nourishing their body is a regular and consistent habit that is simple.

For Only $47,

You’ll get:

The Connection Experiement is for you, if you:

  • Read Hungry and want to put the Connected Eating System into your life,

  • Work well with guidance and community support (who doesn’t?),

  • Are looking for a simple, easy, low cost way to re-connect with your body, and

  • Are ready to take a new step forward today!