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Looking for guidance and support along your journey? We’ve got options!


Reclaim- one on one coaching

A 3 month one on one transformational coaching program working directly with Tara. There are regular calls and weekly check-ins to keep moving you forward.


The connection experiment

An on line group 14 days of practicing letting go of the rules so you can connect back to your body simply and lovingly. This program is led by Tara in a private Facebook group.

 You’ve tried tons of programs, read dozens of books and even consulted experts to help you with your relationship with food.  

Chances are high, you’ve been struggling with food and your body for many years. Maybe, you can’t even remember a time in your life when food wasn’t the focus and weight loss wasn’t always a priority. There may be days when the struggle doesn’t feel like a big deal. After all, it’s all you know. And then there are the times that it feels so overwhelming that you can’t take one more minute of the ups and downs and highs and lows. 

I know how that feels.  I’ve been there myself. I started eating emotionally and went on my first diet when I was twelve. 

I’ve moved myself and my clients away from a painful relationship with food. You may not even know what life without food always on your mind even looks like. 

Here’s what’s absolutely possible:



You can feel relaxed, even non challant or ambivalent around the buffet, a dessert table and a holiday meal celebration. It’s possible to lay your head on the pillow in the evening without guilt or shame. It’s possible to start your day not needing to step on the scale and be filled with worry that you will gain weight. 



You can create nourishing habits that are simple to incorporate into your life. You to feel confident from the inside out. The diet industry and all of those that have tried to encourage you to lose weight have convinced you that you need to just try harder. Focus. Sacrifice. Discipline. Yet, you and I both know that we only blame ourselves when these products fail to keep our attention. You no longer need to be fighting yourself and eroding your self esteem. 



Your body is pretty cool. It knows so much and it’s really good at sharing with you what it knows. When you can rely on and listen to your body, you’ll be tapping into a guidance system you’ve been walking around in your whole life. 

This life I’m describing may feel foreign, but it’s not as far away as you think.  

“Four years of emotional overeating, feeling stressed out, anxious and depressed, made me feel like if this didn’t work, nothing would. My whole life has turned in a different direction since I started working with Tara. She helped me work through emotional issues, set personal goals for self-improvement and introduced me to yoga and mindfulness. In less than 4 months, I now have a completely different relationship with food and myself. “
— Taylor, Kittery, ME

Here are the women I do my best work with. Here are the women that get the most out of the connected eating system One on One program. If this sounds like you, let’s spend some time on the phone and chat. 

You are a pretty disciplined, focused and driven woman. 

I know how structured and regimented you can be. As a CPA, I also know and love structure. I get the comfort of the black and white and rules to follow. I also know that the same things that helped me become successful in my accounting career did not help me change my relationship with food. 

You’ve been feeling defeated and wondering if something is wrong with you. 

You wonder if you can’t turn things around without someone or something to make this problem go away. And that’s also not true. You aren’t broken. You don’t need someone or something to fix you. You’re actually pretty brilliant- which I know is a bold statement coming from someone that doesn’t even know you that well. But, I know you, because I know myself when I was struggling with food. I was committed as all get out and I was determined. I was just looking for solutions in the wrong place and I was trying to fix a problem that really wasn’t a problem. So, just to be clear. You’re not missing anything. You have everything you need. You’ve got it all, my friend. 

You are so done with dieting. Maybe you’ve been done with it for years and years. Yet, you don’t know what other options there are, so you feel a bit lost around how to eat, when to eat and what to eat. 

You hate your body. This sounds pretty crass, I know. Okay, maybe you don’t hate it, hate it, but, you really wish it were different. BUT, you definitely have an interest in changing the relationship you have with you body. You know you don’t like it, but you also feel pretty exhausted around hating it. 

You know there is something going on underneath the surface of your relationship with food. You’re open to the idea that it’s not just sugar that's the problem or that ice cream sundae. You have a small (or big ) suspicion that there are some inner workings that are driving your relationship with food, but you don’t know what to do about it. 

You may be thinking “I don’t have the energy to try something new.” “I don’t want to try and fail.  Again”. I know it’s risky. It can take courage. So, to this, I say, always trust your intuition. Trust what may have guided both of us to cross paths like we have. It could seem haphazard, but it’s not. You and I are both offering an energy into the world, and if we are match, that energy is going to connect us.

Let me tell you a bit about how I work.

Because that’s really important. I’m not for everyone, yet, I’m very clear around what I do and what I deliver. 

I won’t be telling you what and what not to eat. I won’t be offering you a diet. I’m not a nutritionist, dietician or heath coach. I believe that your body knows how to care for itself. I believe she holds those answers. I will be offering you practices on how to reconnect with your body, so you know how to listen to the guidance your body offers. 

I won’t help you lose weight. I know, this may be a deal breaker for you. This may be heart wrenching to even read. How could I possibly have a business if I’m not promising weight loss? I know it’s something you may want. But I’m here to tell you that while you’ve been desperate to lose those last 10 or 20 pounds, you’ve been ignoring, neglecting and mistreating your body. I know why you want to lose weight, but the reality is, those desires are just standing in the way of you accepting, nourishing and eventually loving your body. 

I offer cumulative and concrete practices. These practices, our conversations and what you will learn about yourself is something that can’t be unlearned or unheard. You’ll be stepping forward so solidly that even if you go backward, you will know how to move yourself forward. By the way, this is transformation. 

You’ll go as deep as you are ready to. This process isn’t forced with an agenda or planned outcome. This program will meet you where you are and take you to a place that you know you can safely go. I ask a lot of questions and give you the time and space to answer them yourself. This process, of connecting back to your body, is personal. You will be the one that will be awakening, listening and aligning.  

There may be tears, upset and discomfort. There will be emotions that come up that may have been dormant for a long time (and are so eager to be revealed). Trust me though, don’t let a part of yourself fool you into thinking this is exhausting or draining work. It’s not. You’ve been spending more time and energy keeping these emotions locked down than you will be when you release them. As you start to let things go, you’re going to feel light and free. 

We work with each of the 5 principles of the Connected Eating System. They aren’t steps, but instead guiding posts to use. Some naturally come before another, but yet the process isn’t linear. You don’t complete one step and move to the other.