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Tara Whitney is leading a revolution of women who are creating a relationship with food and their bodies that brings them to trust themselves. She’s a a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Life Coach and CPA- one unique combination, she knows.

I Have a Vision.

Women are no longer putting their lives on hold to fix themselves. They don’t see their body as a problem. They don’t see food as the enemy. Women everywhere are not waking up every Monday morning with hope that this week they can stay on their diet plan. Every Monday morning doesn’t include a small prayer that this week will finally be different than the ones from their past. Their minds aren’t busy counting calories, fat grams, fiber and net carbs. They aren’t loathing themselves every time they go off plan, eat the wrong thing or too much of it. Women aren’t stepping on the scale and letting it decide how to feel about themselves. Women don’t need the scale to know their own self worth.

I see a time and a place when women aren’t lying on their couches with bellies so stuffed that they can’t move. Food doesn’t harm or hurt.  They aren’t opening their refrigerator or freezer when they need to numb away their emotions.  Women are free from food rules because they simply don’t need them. Women everywhere are in sync with their body’s own hunger and fullness. They listen instead of ignore. They honor instead of deny. They respect instead of punish. They understand and completely appreciate that food heals, nourishes and sustains. Because of that, they make food choices that make them feel vibrant and alive.

I see a time when women everywhere have tremendous internal strength and clarity. Messages come from magazines, movies, social media, friends, coworkers and yes, even family. “Fix your body to fit into our ideal.” “You can’t be too thin.” “Don’t eat the wrong thing.” “Work hard for a desirable body.” “You can’t be overweight and happy, successful and worthy.” But women now see theses messages for what they are. They may be enticing, but women spot the deception a mile away.  These messages don’t suck their energy, time or attention. They refuse to fall under their spell.

After all, in this vision, women are now living in a time when they don’t believe the terrible facade and lie that when they are skinny enough they will be loved and accepted. They don’t look outside of themselves for their own worth. They have already acknowledged that deep and loving place within themselves.

Women everywhere see their bodies as something to love and deeply care for. They know that their body is a beautiful container that holds the physical presence of their heart and soul. Women know that their body’s needs are constantly evolving day to day. They offer their body, with generosity, the right amount of movement, exercise and rest.  When their body has something to share, women listen intently with deep respect and trust. Ultimately, they trust and look to their own body’s wisdom for guidance.

Because of this, women show up in this world with a palpable presence.  They aren’t holding themselves back and cowering in the corner. Not even close. They look everyone they meet in the eye, they stand tall and proud, exude confidence and offer a lot of hugs.  They are loving more freely and deeply. They are bold, even fierce at times, as they share their passions with the world. They don’t need to scream and yell, but they certainly may if they know the time is right and the words need be shared. Women are alive, living on purpose and are FREE.